Wednesday, May 24, 2017

#CoolArt: 'Cat & Mouse (Exploratory Painting)' by Scott Fischer

'Cat & Mouse (Exploratory Painting)' by Scott Fischer for Every Day Original.

8" x 10" FW acrylic ink and Gamblin Fast Matte oil paint on Grafix Duralar, working both sides of the translucent material.

#CoolArt: 'Arches National Park' by Marc Aspinall

'Arches National Park' by Marc Aspinall, a new print release from Fifty-Nine Parks.

24" x 32" 7 colour screen print on 100# Cougar White paper for $80.
On sale from Wednesday May 24 until Friday June 2.

18" x 24" 7 colour screen print in a open edition for $40 also available.

5% of the print sale will be donated to The National Park Service.

Go here to buy.

#CoolArt: 'Draumstafir' by Becky Cloonan

'Draumstafir' by Becky Cloonan, a new print release through Burlesque of North America.

18" x 22" 4 colour screen print, with metallic ink, on French Nightshift Blue paper in a signed silver edition of 69, and a signed gold edition of 40 for $30 each.

Go here to buy.

Silver Edition
Gold Edition

#ArtOfTheDay: 'Star Wars: Dark Empire' by Dave Dorman

Cover art by Dave Dorman for 'Star Wars: Dark Empire' #1, published December 1991 by Dark Horse Comics.

Monday, May 22, 2017

#CoolArt: 'Fire, Waltz With Me' by Jason Stout

The 'Twin Peaks' inspired 'Fire, Waltz With Me' by Jason Stout, originally part of the 'In Dreams: an art show tribute to David Lynch' at Spoke NYC, and now a print release through Nakatomi Inc.

18" x 24" screen prints in signed and numbered limited editions of 100 for $40 each or $100 for the matched numbered set.

Go here to buy.

#CoolArt: 'Ava' by Matt Needle

The 'Ex Machina' inspired 'Ava' by Matt Needle.

A3 sized (297mm x 420mm) giclee print on Pearl Platinum 300gsm paper, in a limited edition of 25 for £25.

Go here to buy.

#CoolArt: 'Onda' by Malleus

'Onda' by Malleus.

50cm x 70cm 5 colour screen print on cream paper in a hand signed and numbered limited edition of 52.

On sale at a random time on Wednesday May 24. Follow them on Twitter @MALLEUSDELIC for the on sale announcement.

Go here to buy.

#CoolArt: 'One Of Us' by Zakuro Aoyama

'The Lost Boys' inspired 'One Of Us' by Zakuro Aoyama, a new print release through Dark City Gallery.

24" x 36" screen print in a numbered Regular edition of 75 for £55, and a numbered Variant edition of 75 for £65.

Go here to buy.

Regular Edition
Variant Edition

#CoolArt: 'The Martian Journey' by Fabled Creative

'The Martian' inspired 'The Martian Journey' by Fabled Creative.

A print on Semi-Gloss, 100LB or higher, Cover Stock paper in various sizes; 13" x 19" at $20, 16" x 24" at $40 and 24" x 36" for $60.

Go here to buy.

#CoolArt: 'Primus at Grand Rapids, Michigan' Concert Posters by NC Winters

'Primus at Grand Rapids, Michigan' concert posters by NC Winters.

18" x 24" 7 colour screen print on white 100# cougar cover paper in a signed and numbered Regular edition of 250 (with only 55 available) for $50, a signed and numbered Purple Variant edition of 40 for $65, a signed and numbered Orange / Purple Variant edition on 80# French black licorice paper in a limited edition of 30 for $80, and a signed and numbered 6 colour Rainbow Foil Variant edition of 20 for $125.

On sale Tuesday May 23. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for the on sale announcement.

Go here to buy.

Regular Edition

Book Review: 'Star Wars: Rebel Rising' by Beth Revis

Another decent addition to the new canon of Star Wars novels.

Here, we get to find out more of Jyn's back story, as the book fills in the blanks between the 'Catalyst' book and the prologue in 'Rogue One', to the moment she's sprung from the Wobani prison camp and then taken to Yavin 4.

Hinted at in 'Rogue One', we also find out how extremist Saw Gerrera's tactics became, and how he grew paranoid of others in his company. The interaction of Jyn and Saw is very much like family - felt sort of like uncle and niece rather than father and daughter to me - as she gradually got more involved Saw's crews and the missions, and more as a code forger than a soldier, which was slightly different from the film, but I enjoyed this section of the book.

It's a bit grim and dark at times, as after events that become a shatterpoint in Jyn's life, turning it upside down, Jyn just seems to lose hope and a bit of her humanity, as she doesn't care either way about the Empire or the fledgling Rebellion, hating either with equal venom, just content with looking out for herself. After what she's had to go through in her life, it's no wonder she's become jaded at what's going on in the galaxy!

But it's not all darkness and pain for Jyn, as there's a bit of a restbite from her troubles and even time for a romance. It's good to see her happy and a bit of hope be rekindled for her as a result, but nothing lasts forever, and her past soon catches up with her and she soon slips back into her old uncaring ways once more.

The book is also interspersed with moments from her six months incarcerated at the Wobani prison planet before her rescue, highlighting how grim and desperate life has become to her and those who go up against the Empire.

I would recommend reading 'Catalyst' first, as a few events in that book are mentioned, albeit mostly in passing, from a different point of view, connecting the stories together. Could easily have 'Catalyst', 'Rebel Rising' and 'Rogue One' all bundled into one complete volume.

I enjoyed this decent, but short read. It was great that it filled in some of the blanks in Jyn Erso's life, showing us events that shaped how she became the woman she is in the film. Will make watching 'Rogue One' a different experience.

If you liked her character from 'Rogue One', this book is definitely recommended for you.


PosterSpy To Host Artists Panel At MCM London Comic Con

PosterSpy, the web’s leading show and tell platform for alternative poster designers around the globe with over 7,000 alternative posters uploaded since the site launch in 2014, will be hosting a special panel on the Silver Stage during the MCM London Comic Con at 5.15pm on Saturday May 27. Joining them on the panel will be artists Dan Mumford, Paul Shipper and representing the PosterPosse; Doaly, The Dark Inker, Luke Butland and Daniel Nash.

During the 45 minute panel they’ll be chatting to each artist about their career in the design industry and what led them to tackle illustrated movie posters.

As well as design related talk they’ll also be chatting generally about pop culture, current movie posters, favourite classic posters, print collecting and what they predict for the future of movie posters.

To finish, there will be a live Q&A with the audience as well as taking questions from their online community. The event will also be live streamed through their Instagram account so you won't miss a thing. Follow them on TwitterFacebook and Instagram to get a notification when they go live so you don't miss out !

Wacom, the leading manufacturer of pen displays, pen tablets and styluses, are sponsoring the event, with first attendees receiving gift bags, and PosterSpy are also planning a special giveaway too!

An awesome opportunity to attend an event in the London about illustrated movie posters, they’ll also be looking to do a meet and greet after the panel finishes, giving you the chance to meet the artists and have a chat as well as bring any prints for signing.

Join their event page for updates.

#ArtOfTheDay: 'Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel' #1 by Mike Mayhew

Mile High Comics Variant cover art by Mike Mayhew for 'Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel' #1, part 1 of 5 interlocking covers, published May 2017 by Marvel Comics.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

2016 Nebula Awards Winners Announced

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have announced the winners for this year’s Nebula Awards for works published in 2016, along with the Ray Bradbury and Andre Norton Awards.

Each year, the organization’s members vote on which stories they consider to be the best novel, novella, novelette, short story and Young Adult story in the genre, as well as the best outstanding dramatic presentation.

Best Novel
  • 'All the Birds in the Sky', Charlie Jane Anders (Tor; Titan)

Best Novella
  • 'Every Heart a Doorway', Seanan McGuire ( Publishing)

Best Novelette
  • 'The Long Fall Up', William Ledbetter (F&SF May/June 2016)

Best Short Story
  • 'Seasons of Glass and Iron', Amal El-Mohtar (The Starlit Wood)

Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation
  • 'Arrival', Directed by Denis Villeneuve, Screenplay by Eric Heisserer, 21 Laps Entertainment/FilmNation Entertainment/Lava Bear Films/Xenolinguistics

Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • 'Arabella of Mars', David D. Levine (Tor)

#CoolArt: 'Drift' by Rob Rey

'Drift' by Rob Rey.

6" x 8" Oil study, original available at Every Day Original Sunday May 21 at 11.45am ET.

The Art Of . . . Frank Brunner

I've previously showcased a few of my favourite pop culture and vintage pulp artists, and each weekend I showcase art from more of my favourite artists.

The art of Frank Brunner.

#ArtOfTheDay: 'Danger Girl & Army Of Darkness' by Paul Renaud

Variant cover art by Paul Renaud for 'Danger Girl & Army Of Darkness' #2, published May 2011 by Dynamite Comics.

Friday, May 19, 2017

A Geeky Nerfherder Guide For Geek Con Newbies

I don't just post lots of cool art on my blog and on social media, I also love to get my geek on at pop culture conventions. From the smaller, more intimate Comic cons, to the larger Geek Con events packed with big names stars from the world of pop culture, it's always a great day (or two) out hanging with people who also enjoy geek fandom, meeting your favourite stars, getting their autographs, and browsing the stalls for new swag to add to your collection.

But if it's your first time to a Comic / Geek Con, here's a few tips I've picked up over the years to hopefully make it a more enjoyable start.

What To Wear

Considering the amount of walking around, and standing in lines you'll probably end up doing, first tip is dress for comfort. There's nothing worse than walking around in a sweat with tired and sore feet. So wear a well worn in pair of trainers and comfy socks. And if you're not cosplaying, a comfy pair of jeans/leggings along with your favourite appropriately geeky t shirt will do just nicely too.

Also be prepared for a range of different temperatures at the convention arena. They can be cold, especially early on in the day, whereas once it gets busy, especially on the show floor, the temperatures can rise with all that body heat. Dress in layers. You can always take off a sweater or coat, and stuff it into your bag.

Get A Backpack

Which brings me to my next tip. Bring a backpack. You'll need something to hold the stuff you want signed at the Con, plus any supplies to get you through the day, as well as something to bring home your newly acquired new swag in.

Depending on what you bring with you and what you end up taking home, the weight of your bag could end up increasing considerably. As such I would avoid shoulder/messenger bags. As good as they are, they put all of the weight onto one shoulder, and liable to swing into people when walking on the packed show floor or across a stall when you're checking out the cool swag. It’s better, ergonomically, to spread that weight across both shoulders, and the added benefit is that it allows you to be hands-free without the fear of knocking things over with your bag.

I personally use the Backpack Of Holding from ThinkGeek, strong enough for all the books / comics I like to search for and find at Cons, and big enough to hold a poster tube with the cover flap expanded.

Bring Snacks And Stay Hydrated

Food and drink at conventions can cost a pretty penny, taking valuable funds away from autograph signings and cool swag, and not least the time it takes getting in line to get served and finding that seat, so I'd recommend that you take your own. A couple of bottles of water and some snacks like cereal bars should do the trick to get you through the day.

And if you do want to just sit down and chill out for a bit too, I've found the best times to find a seat is early on in the day and towards the end. Avoid lunch times, they are manic, especially at the bigger Geek Cons.

Bring Protection For Swag

After getting excited about picking up that rare #1 issue, print or signed sketchbook, you don't want to get home and find that its got creased or damaged in your bag. Some recommended items to bring to help protect your new items are bags and boards for any comic books you buy, maybe a plastic case to protect your books, plastic sleeves or a large hardcover book to protect prints or other small sized artwork, and a poster tube to keep any larger prints safe.

Do Some Homework

Before heading to the Comic / Geek Con, do a bit of research and go on to the Con website and make a list of who you want to see, costs for their signatures and any exhibitor stalls you want to visit on the show floor, as well as their location. Many Cons will have a map of who and what is where at the arena, giving you a rough idea of where things are, hopefully making it easier to navigate on the day. And if you plan to make your way to Comic Con this year check out they have affordable Las Vegas hotel and flight package deals.

Bring Plenty Of Money!

From the price of signatures, to all that geek swag at the dealer stalls, as well as the food and drink vendors on site, and even including travelling and accomodation costs, attending a Comic / Geek Con can get pretty expensive. I would recommend sticking to a budget, as it's very easy to go over! Checking the prices of any potential signings and any new swag you might be after online before you head to the venue will give you an ideal range to base your budget on. Better to bring too much than too little. But also remember . . .

Do You Really Need to Buy That?

Remember that you’re going to have to carry your stuff around all day. And are you really getting a good deal? If there’s a show exclusive collectible that's caught your eye, better to get it there and then than paying the inflated prices when they will no doubt surface on eBay afterwards. Same with that comic or collectible to add to your collection. Sometimes you can get special Con deal prices, more often not though, but however, if you can reign in your impulses, you can often save money by getting a lot of the merchandise online for a cheaper price.

Have A Backup Phone Battery

If you're like me and take lots of photos and video at the Geek Cons, then this is vital advice! And sharing those to your favourite social media through the venue's wifi (or 4G if the wifi is terrible) can drain the battery quickly!

If you can, bring a spare battery or better yet, a portable power bank that you can plug in your phone when the power gets low. You don’t want to be without your phone when a great photo opportunity pops up or when you're trying to contact friends when they or you have wandered off.

Enjoy The Cosplay

Lots of people represent their favourite fandoms by cosplaying as their favourite characters. A lot of time and skill is put into the awesome creations that you see when walking around on the show floor and most will only be too happy to pose for photos, just be nice and ask first.

And remember, 'Cosplay is not consent'. A lot of the costumes may look provocative, but the mantra on the show floor is a no-touch policy. Get a bit too friendly and you'll be taking an unscheduled walk out the convention with security!

Check out the cosplay competitions held throughout the day at Cons too. They usually showcase a vast range of cosplaying, from the very simple to the very complicated.

Have Fun

Above all, have fun! There’s so much to see and do that there is nearly always something for somebody to enjoy. What I like best about going to these events is getting to meet the stars from my favourite films, shows and video games and the creators behind some of my favourite comics. The new swag I pick up is pretty cool too. So remember why you came to the event and have a great time.

Book Review: '2001: A Space Odyssey' by Arthur C Clarke

Catching up with my sci-fi with a classic!

Written in tandem with the screenplay of the Stanley Kubrick movie, even so, there are still slight differences between the two of them, as detailed in the forward by Arthur C Clarke, as some sections were rewritten to fit in more closely with the film, but as the film production eventually overtook the writing of the novel, and was released a couple of months before the publication of the novel, the differences are more apparent but not that glaring, but if anything, makes the book a bit more coherent than the film in my opinion.

The book follows the evolution of mankind to stars with a helping hand from a mysterious alien intelligence. As in the film, we start at the 'Dawn of Mankind' and the man-apes and their reactions to the appearance of a monolith, crystal clear and not black like in the movie. We then flash-forward to 2001 and follow Dr Heywood Floyd as he travels to the moon base after another monolith is discovered. The next section features Dave Bowman, Frank Poole and a certain AI computer aboard the Discovery on their way to Saturn (not Jupiter, another change from the film).

Despite the eventual homicidal tendencies of the HAL 9000 computer, the overall tone of the book comes across as optimistic towards humanity and the cosmic possibilities of the future. Even though it was written in 1968, it doesn't feel dated at all, and the science and technology in the book still holds up really well and feels as though it could easily have been written today.

I listened to the audiobook with narration by Dick Hill, and really liked his narration style, bringing the characters to life, making them sound real world and even with all the science and cosmic mysticism (especially towards the end), he kept the story interesting throughout.

Overall a good and interesting read and well worth reading, especially if you've seen the film.


#CoolArt: 'Rogue NASA: Project Apollo' by Tracie Ching

'Rogue NASA: Project Apollo' by Tracie Ching, a print release from Nakatomi Inc.

18" x 24" screen print in a hand numbered Regular edition for $50, and a hand numbered Variant edition on gold foil in a limited edition of 100 for $60. All Gold Foil Variant prints will ship with one of the limited edition Rogue Nasa logo enamel pins.

The timed release period for the Regular edition is until Wednesday May 24.

All proceeds will be donated to The Mars Generation, a science education initiative.

Go here to buy.

Regular Edition
Gold Foil Variant Edition

#ArtOfTheDay: 'Vader Down' by Aleksi Briclot

Variant connecting cover art by Aleksi Briclot for the 'Vader Down' crossover mini series - 'Star Wars' #13, 'Vader Down' #1 and 'Darth Vader' #13, published November 2015 by Marvel Comics.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

#CoolArt: 'Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017' by Paul Shipper

'Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017' by Paul Shipper.

Officially licensed 18" x 28" Lithographic print in a signed and numbered AP edition for £150.

Go here to buy.

#CoolArt: 'Aliens' by Timothy Pittides

'Aliens' by Timothy Pittides, a new officially licensed print release from Grey Matter Art, in collaboration with Acme Archives and Dark Ink Art.

24" x 36" screen print in a limited edition of 150 for $45.

On sale Friday May 19 at 1pm ET.

Go here to buy.

#CoolArt: '1984' by Olivier Bonhomme

'1984' by Olivier Bonhomme, a new print release through Bottleneck Gallery.

18" x 24" giclee print, in a numbered Regular edition of 100 for $40, and a numbered Variant edition of 50 for $50.

On sale Thursday May 18 at 12pm ET.

Go here to buy.

Regular Edition
Variant Edition

#CoolArt: 'Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind' by Cristian Eres

'Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind' by Cristian Eres, part of 'Blacklight', a new group art exhibition presented by Hero Complex Gallery, featuring fluorescent blacklight-reactive and glow in the dark artwork.

#CoolArt: 'Radiohead's OK Computer' by Carl Glover

'OK Computer' by Carl Glover, is a print release through The Flood Gallery, for Classic Album Sundays, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the iconic album by Radiohead, at special events around the world.

Go here for more on the events.

18" x 24" giclee print on 310gsm 100% Cotton Rag Paper Stock, in a signed and numbered Regular edition of 60 for £35, and a signed and numbered Variant edition of 25 for £50.

On sale Thursday May 18 at 4pm UK.

Go here to buy.

Regular Edition
Variant Edition

#CoolArt: 'Labyrinth' by Laurent Durieux

'Labyrinth' by Laurent Durieux, a new print release from Mondo.

24" x 36" screen print, in a Regular edition of 425 for $65, and a Variant edition of 225 for $85.

On sale at a random time Thursday May 18. Follow Mondo on Twitter @mondonews for the on sale announcement.

Go here to buy.

Regular Edition
Variant Edition

#ArtOfTheDay: 'Justice League of America' by Jay Anacleto

Cover art by Jay Anacleto for 'Justice League of America' Vol 2 #1, published November 2009 by DC Comics.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

#CoolArt: 'The Tomb Raider' by Coke Navarro

'The Tomb Raider' by Coke Navarro, a new print release from

15.7" x 23.7" giclee print on 210g Innova fine art Decor Smooth Art paper in a numbered limited edition of 90 for €60.

On sale Friday May 19 at 11am UK.

Go here to buy.